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★ iPhone, 72 hours later


I’m not sure whether I have the time or inclination to write a big review of the iPhone, it’s pretty much the most awesome piece of technology that I’ve ever used. I had a few problems initially getting the email sync setup, mostly it was problems that I caused myself, but apart from that the iPhone has been rock solid.

A Couple of Thoughts

I love the camera, it’s way better than I was expecting considering all the groans of ‘wah it’s only 2mp’. I’ve taken a bunch of photos on it, and via the email published them to my flickr stream, and have actually been reasonably impressed at the quality in both daylight and low-light situations.

If you don’t know already I love location based social networking, ie. Brightkite, Twitter, and Flickr, and the iPhone allows me to login to all these, post photos, messages, etc. it’s all so easy with the address book and email integration. There’s even a couple of Apps in the iTunes Apps store that allow you to directly logon to these networks and converse.

SMS, Phone, Mail, Contacts, all work brilliantly and having them all seamlessly integrated makes calling, txt, emailing, etc. all so simple to do.

The various other features like Calendar, Apps, iTunes, iPod, Weather, etc. all work as you would expect. Maps is something I haven’t spent much time using, though I did have a quick play with it and it seemed to be ok though I would hardly recommend using it as a GPS as it lacks turn-by-turn instruction.


Buy one, buy one as soon as you can. Before you plug it into your Mac or PC, make sure you clean up all your Contacts, Calendars, and if possible convert your POP3 email to IMAP, once all that is done you’re ready to rock and should not experience any dramas.

Here’s a couple of photos that I shot with my iPhone so you can see what the quality is like, I’m pretty happy with them and think they are more than fine for blog usage and alike.

Flat White @ Euro, New Lambton
Round 2 Done