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★ Back to work tomorrow


Well today was officially my last day of holidays. I’ve pretty well had 3 weeks off now for the wedding and honeymoon, and I must admit I really really don’t want to go back. If only there was some way for me to get / win a few million dollars overnight…..hrmmm

This weekend has been pretty flat out, apart from having a load of cleaning and washing to get done, I’ve managed to set up, clean up, code, etc. a whole bunch of websites that I’ve been meaning to get sorted out for a few months now. I also upgraded about 16 WordPress installations, plugins included, to the latest versions. On top of all of that coding I cleaned up all my Google Analytics codes, Google Webmaster submissions, and all the other little advertising and tracking bits of code. Phew!

Most of yesterday I coded a new look for I’m With The Band, again, and this time I’m really really happy with the site and all that’s left to do is pretty it up with some colour and a few logos and other little image type things. Take a look at the new site and let me know what you think of the progress so far.

Today I started another project that I’ve wanted to get going for a while now. I’m making a website come portal, come review site, come social network, dedicated to Newcastle called I Heart Newcastle. Hopefully I’ll get it locked in a little more during this week, but the basics are there now and I’m building a team of people to get involved with it all so hopefully it’ll become a bustling little website pretty soon.

And last but not least, I’ve started building a website for the Gloucester Country Club. I was kindly given a membership to the club by my father in-law Tony and it’s such a great, friendly little club that I wanted to make a website for it. I’ve got plans to go up there and photograph the golf course, the club, and all the other facilities and once all that is done I’ll try and hand it over to the club to update. Oh I’m such the anthropologist. haha

Right O! That’s all from me for now, time to go relax in front of the tv and have a couple of quiet drinks to ease my mind into having to go to work tomorrow…argghh.