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★ Canon releases more cameras!


Yesterday whilst we were all ogling the specs on the new Canon EOS 5D mkII, I always knew it was going to be called the 5D mkII, Canon slipped out a few other announcements. The one that excited me so much, but I’m not sure how I can justify to the wife that I need to upgrade only a couple of months after buying my PowerShot G9, was the announcement of the PowerShot G10.

Spec wise they’ve added a few more megapixels (14.7 mp vs 12.1 mp), the new DIG!C 4 image processor, increased the range of the zoom lens, and improved noise reduction at higher ISO, just to name a few differences.

I’m a big fan of the Canon PowerShot G9, I bought one a couple of weeks before our wedding as I wanted something really easy to use that also had the ability to fire an off camera flash via my PocketWizards. The G9 fit the bill perfectly!

We also took the G9 away on our honeymoon and not once did I miss my Canon EOS 5D while we were running around Hamilton Island, granted you can’t really compare the two cameras but it was perfect for what I wanted on the trip.

Hopefully we should see some more reviews and sample photos from the Canon PowerShot G10 in the next couple of days. I’d love to get my hands on one for a few days!!