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★ Advertising in RSS feeds, my 2c

rss-icon.jpgThey suck, don’t do it.

There are two reasons I subscribe to someone’s blog;

  1. I really like what they’re writing and want to receive their articles without having to remember to check their site everyday.
  2. I kinda like what they’re writing about, but they have way too much advertising so I subscribe to their RSS to avoid all that spammy badness.

Well RSS feeds look like they are slowly going the way the rest of the internet is going, advertising everywhere and most of it has next to nothing to do with the blog it’s on, or even the subject the person / company is writing about.

It’s a shame that people feel they need to add even more advertising to their website / blog, and unless you have 55,000 subscribers I don’t believe anyone is making loads of money from it.

Anyway, that’s my Saturday morning rant.

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