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★ Cooking up a style guide

Referring back to my little battle of last night, one of the things that I think separates this website from some of the websites that I referred to, along with many other sites I regularly visit, is that there’s a consistency to their look and feel. A lot of this consistency comes from not only not tinkering with the design / layout too regularly, but also by using a publishing style guide.


What’s a style guide?

Basically a style guide is a document, or set of guidelines, of how to publish articles be it on a website or in print. This document tells you things like how the article should be formatted, ie. bold header, italic introduction, image alignment, etc. Typically style guides have been used more regularly in print, though more and more websites are adopting similar article publishing principles.

And I think I need to develop a style guide for

Isn’t all this a bit wanky?

Yes, yes it is…..but maybe it will bring some longer term consistency to my website and the articles I publish. Plus it will also force me give me the opportunity to clean up my older articles and maybe give them a new lease on life, and hopefully they will also attract some more traffic and more subscribers.

And in conclusion

Over the next few days and weeks I’ll start formulating the style guide and whilst there may be a few initial changes to the layout here for the most part it will remain unchanged.

The End.