🤔 RSS users, do you sort your feed types into folders, maybe by subject matter or similar?

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  1. @matpacker I have been sorting into topic based folders, but it’s grown cumbersome as I’ve created quite a few folders, and now some sites that were mainly tech news are now more personal blogs, and vice versa…

  2. @matpacker I mostly sort them by purpose: Folders I check for work and for leisure and news, with a sub-folder in each category of feeds for which I want to at least see, if not read, every single post.

    For everything else, I just adopt the “river of news” strategy. It’s not email, I don’t even try to read every one.

  3. @matpacker Basically. Feedbin lets you tag feeds which then appear as folders. So, a feed for something dealing with the Seattle Mariners will show up for me under “baseball”, “MLB”, “Seattle Mariners” and “Seattle sports”.

  4. @matpacker I try to keep a list of only the feeds that I’m motivated and able to read each day. If I don’t check it and the unread number goes up, then I generally delete it. Feeds that are updated less frequently go into folders, with the top level being my favourites.

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