Alex Bozinovski

Alex Bozinovski in goal for New Lambton FC in their First grade match against West Wallsend FC.

Absolutely bucketed down for 5-10 minutes during the New Lambton versus Garden Suburb FFA Cup match tonight at LMRFF. The Eagles waltzed away 8-0 winners, and will now progress to the 4th round.

Football Social Posts

All of the teams on the Northern League One side of New Lambton FC have made it through to the finals, and in the case of the 16’s and First Grade, they also won their Minor Premierships. To celebrate the Minor Premierships, I designed up the following images for our Instagram and Facebook accounts. I’m … Read more

That algae on the side of the rock there was so amazingly green!

A couple of bird photos, pretty sure itโ€™s a Red Vented Bulbul, an invasive species from India .