Son gets shot in Fortnite, blames me for distracting him… I’m lying on the floor reading a book. 😂

Can’t seem to get web mentions working on my blog. Has anyone written web mentions, or any other indie web functions, into their WP theme functions that they can share? @manton or anyone else?

Really saddening to hear about Anthony Bourdain’s passing. Absolutely loved his shows, his books, and his attitude. He’ll certainly be missed.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends.

Have begun telling customers that I’ll no longer be doing this job after June 30th. Looking forward to the new role I’ll be taking on with @meditrend_anz, up for a new challenge after 20 years with SCHILLER Australia.

Are there any good twitter lists of Newcastle people to follow? Asking for a friend… @indydreaming @leevigraham @mediahunter

I’m sort of liking Twitter again, being very selective as to who / what I follow has been the key.

@manton is it best to host your own WP server for integration with for cross posting to Twitter and for continuity of conversation?

Trying to catch up on all the overnight / early morning WWDC news. Nothing super surprising so far, that dark theme OS X is pretty nice though.

It’s done nothing but rain the last few days in Newcastle, my back is not liking it one bit!