Captain America: Civil War – trailer

The trailer, whilst not massive in detail, for the next Captain America movie looks all kinds of awesome.

How To Fart In Public & Get Away With It

Syria’s war: Who is fighting and why (alt title, how ISIS got started)

Here’s a 5 minute and a bit minute explanation of how the Syrian war got started, and how ISIS came to be…what a total mess, and of course we know why the west got involved, “there’s oil in them there hills”.

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Ignorance in abundance

Optus removes Arabic ads from shopping centre after alleged threat to staff

Another complainant said migrants should learn English.

“This is Australia not islam,” the message read. “If these people wish to come to Australia, they should feel obligated to learn English if they are serious about becoming part of the Australian society.”

But Optus was quick to respond.

“Thanks for your feedback. Australia is a country while Islam is a religion,” Dan wrote on behalf of Optus. “The language used on the sign was Arabic, which is also spoken by a number of non-Muslim countries.”

That is amongst the dumbest things I’ve read on the Internet today, the original dumbass comment implying that islam [sic] is a country, not the Optus reply.

How We Stop ISIS – Waleed Aly

No one, anywhere in the world, has spoken so well about how to deal with the problem that is ISIS as Waleed did last night on The Project.

We, Australian’s of all races and religions, need to amplify this message. We need to come together, we need to be united, we need each other. I truly believe this.

It’s Time For An eAustralia Card

Australian e-government is a long way behind many other developed nations. Our national leadership has utterly failed to comprehend why e-government should have been a national priority decades ago, and continues to offer little in the way of policy direction.

This needs to happen sooner rather than later…oh wait, we’ll probably have to wait till the NBN has been completed so that everyone will have decent access to whatever system they build. So yeh, when will the NBN be completed?

Read more on Gizmodo.

Inside ILM’S secret Star Wars virtual reality lab

Anyone with even a passing interest in VR and AR will get a kick out of this video.

Dont judge me…

But I’ve just moved my blog again, this time it’s from to a self-hosted WordPress install. Basically don’t let you use certain embed codes, and those embed codes are something that I really want to be able to use…so here we are again, setting up another website.

Selfie taken with a Theta m15 in a bathroom on a's like selfie-inception, selfception ? #theta360 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

Test posting a Theta m15 360 photo…


I’ve moved across to a self-hosted WordPress installation, and with that I can finally embed the images I’ve shot with my Theta m15 360 camera. To view the image correctly you’ll either need to be using Chrome or to have flash installed, I’m still looking for another solution so that flash won’t be required…but for now, at least it’s working.

Frank Garth Reserve – Wangaratta


(click to view full size – approx. 40mb)